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Nitro Benzene

Description :

Nitrobenzene is a pale yellow water- insoluble organic compound with an almond like odor. It is highly toxic and gets readily absorbed through the skin. It is mainly used in production of aniline

Application :

Dyes & Dyes Intermediates : Benzidine, Nigrosine, Metanilic Acid, Magenta, m Nitro Chloro benzene, Induline, m-Di-Nitro Benzene, Quinoline

Pharmaceuticals : Phenyle Butazone

Pesticides : As Solvent

Fluorescent whitening agent Flavours & Cosmetics Additives For High Press lubricants

Packing :

Tanker Load.

Specifications :
Nitrobenzene Purity 99.7% by wt., min.
Di-Nitrobenzene 0.1% by wt., max.
Water 0.1% by wt., max.
Benzene 0.1% by wt., max.
CAS No. 98-95-3
UN No. 1662