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Titanium Dioxide

Description :

Titanuim dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, it is sourced from ilmenite , rutile and anatase. Mostly used in paints, varnishes, paper and plastic industries.

Application :

Paints, Textiles, Plastic, Printed Fabric, Paper, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic Products, Electronic Components, Leather Goods, Printing inks, Ceramic, Rubber.

Packing :

25 Kg Bag Packing

Specifications :
Titanium Dioxide % 91.5
Rutile content % 99+
Specific Gravity 4
Bulk Density (g/cc) 0.87
Treatment Al, Si
Oil Absorption 19.7 g oil /100g pigment
pH 7.1
Volatile matter at 105oC (%) 0.50
Average particle size microns(Microtrac) 0.33